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Here are the top reasons our patients are happy they chose TruSmile

TruSmile Care

Specialist Care

Who you see for treatment does matter


At TruSmile, we understand that dental implants are an investment.

As clinicians who study the science and who vowed to treat patients with the best possible options, we feel that dental implants are the right choice for most people. These teeth will last a lifetime. We’ve worked hard to ensure that we provide high quality at a low price. Because we are local doctors, we can offer more reasonable options.

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customize treatment

Customized Treatment

Every patient has a unique dental situation so at TruSmile, we offer customized treatment plans

We work with you throughout the process so that you know your smile will look exactly how you’ve dreamt. It is important to understand that each person and case is different, and we approach each as if they were the only patient we are treating. You won’t feel like you’re in an assembly line at TruSmile.

It is personalized care!

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The Results

Get Back Your True Smile!

When patients see the mirror after their procedure, there are often tears of joy. The results are beautiful, natural looking and truly transformational. Men shave mustaches or beards, women wear red lipstick… finally ready to show off their gorgeous teeth. Confidence and freedom are the top attributes shared by patients after their procedures. The Results are In. TruSmile Patients are living happier, healthier lives.

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dental implant patient susan

It was the best check I ever wrote

There are a lot of things that I could have spent money on but my emotional and physical well- being is way more important.

­— Susan, TruSmile patient

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