Dental Implants

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Dental implants are essentially small titanium anchors that are implanted in your jaw to replace your missing tooth roots and anchor your new tooth or teeth in place.

Dental Implants:

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Dental implants can be the better choice for tooth replacement and are ideal for:

vance single dental implant

Single Missing Tooth

Susan multiple dental implants

Multiple Missing Teeth

full mouth dental implants

Restoring an Entire Smile

The TruSmile team has helped hundreds of patients just like you get the smile you deserve.

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High-Tech Permanent Solutions

At TruSmile we offer patients advanced, permanent, life-long, dental implant treatments. We’re not some cookie cutter corporate chain. Our team provides dental implant choices for you that include options to meet your personal, medical and financial needs.

We recommend fixed-in-place all-on-4, all-on-5 or all-on-6 full-mouth restorations. We practice leading-edge dental and medical procedures that result in exceptional outcomes to our patients.

Fixed Full-Mouth Restorations

The only solution today that provides teeth considered closest to what you had with your natural teeth, is what’s called a fixed full arch dental implant system, or you may have heard the term an All-on-4©. Permanent implant arches of teeth are the gold standard of care and provide a beautiful look, maximum biting force to eat your favorite foods, and a high life-long success rate.

multiple implant

Multiple Implant

Dental Implant bridges are used when you have several failing consecutive teeth that need to be replaced. Often it is a three of four tooth bridge that uses two dental implants to support a group of missing teeth. These small bridges are strong structures that will give you biting power and stability for a longer period of time.

single implant

Single Implants

Often patients are only missing one or two teeth which requires a single implant(s) in one or a few non-consecutive places in the mouth. Single implants cause no excess damage to your surrounding teeth, preserves bone density and provides a natural looking solution that blends with your remaining healthy teeth.

High-Tech Permanent Solutions

It’s not just about having a beautiful looking smile. Dental implants come with benefits that can provide freedom and confidence allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest.

eat your favorite foods

Eat Your Favorite Foods

Dental implants can allow you to eat all those healthy and delicious foods that are often difficult to chew and can cause problems for dentures.

smile with confidence

Smiling with Confidence

The stability of dental implants can provide patients with a sense of confidence that may have been lost. That confidence helps with relationships, job promotions or new challenges.

improve your overall health

Improve Your Overall Health

After eliminating infections or harmful bacteria in your mouth, TruSmile Doctors can place implants right away. Patients report a positive change in their overall health. There is a direct correlation between mouth and body health.

socialize express yourself

Socialize and Express Your True Self

A beautiful dental implant supported smile makes socializing with family and friends possible. You can be the real you without fear of judgement or fear of having appliances become loose or fall out.

Victor dental implants patient

Dental issues that could indicate you need dental implant treatment:​

Are dental implants for you?

dental implant patient travis

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