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Why Dental Implants at Our San Diego Office?

  • Specialist Care

    For over 15 years, the Estrella team at TruSmile has been delivering quality care. The team works hard to ensure that you don’t feel like just another patient during your implant experience.

  • Affordable Cost

    We work hard to maintain affordable costs for our patients. We offer multiple dental implant choices that are tailored to your personal, medical, and financial needs. We have also partnered with various third-party financing companies that provide low monthly payment plans.

  • Customized Treatment

    We understand that no one person’s dental needs are the same. We collaborate with you to guarantee that your demands are addressed by providing an implant solution that is tailored to you.

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The first step is to call TruSmile to schedule your free consultation. Then, when you visit our Center, we’ll take a free 3-D CAT scan image used for diagnosing. You’ll spend time with a dental implant consultant and one of our doctors to:

Learn More About Dental Implants

Why It's Important to Preserve the Jawbone

One of the biggest problems with rootless tooth replacement options is the loss of the jawbone underneath them. The bone in the jaw supports your remaining teeth, preserves the shape of your face, and allows forces to be properly transferred for chewing. Therefore, it is worth it to take extra steps to preserve it. When natural teeth are missing, dental implants San Diego are the best way to do this.

How Tooth Loss Can Change Your Jaw

When you lose one or more teeth, the bone that supported them normally breaks down or reabsorbs back into the body. This leaves a weakened area. The effect is caused by a lack of pressure stimulation in the affected part of your jaw.

Normally, chewing pressures transmit force into your jawbone via your tooth roots, and this tells the bone to stay strong. When a tooth goes missing, the force transmission stops. The body then breaks down the nearby bone.

dental implant

How Dental Implants in San Diego Preserve Your Health

Since implants have titanium posts that are embedded right into your jawbone, they transmit chewing forces much like natural tooth roots. This provides the pressures that your bone expects and triggers it to stay strong and healthy. In turn, your jaw can support the implant, the nearby teeth, and the overall shape of your face.

Other Benefits of Dental Implants

Many people strongly prefer dental implants San Diego because they don’t have the problems associated with dentures and bridges. Traditional dentures are often sloppy, and require refitting regularly. They also require cumbersome cleaning processes. With implant-supported dentures, these problems disappear. Implant dentures can be brushed like regular teeth, and since they sit on implant posts instead of the ridge of your jaw, they don’t have to be refit.

When only one or two teeth are replaced, there are still powerful benefits to implants. Unlike with bridges, there is no need to crown the adjacent teeth. This is because the implant is supported directly by your jaw, not the teeth around it. The surrounding teeth remain healthier since they aren’t subjected to unexpected stress from their sides, too.

How Are Dental Implants in San Diego Placed?

The process of getting dental implants San Diego typically involves several steps. The general principle is the same whether one implant or multiples will be placed.

Implants are installed in the parts of your jaw that are missing one or more teeth. Usually, the teeth have been missing for a while, but this isn’t always the case. If you need to have a tooth extracted, for example, the dentist may immediately begin preparations for its spot to get an implant.

  • Bone grafting. Often, the first step is to shore up the target area with bone grafting. Despite the name, this is often done using a synthetic material that encourages your own bone to begin to grow into the space. This ensures that there will be a strong foundation for the implant post.
  • Post placement. After the bone graft has had a chance to take effect, it’s time for the post to be placed (or “implanted”). This post is what gives implants their name. A narrow hole will be drilled into the desired spot, and the post will be inserted into it. Then, the area is sealed up and allowed to heal for a few weeks.
  • Abutment placement. Once the post has healed into the jaw, the area is re-opened just enough to allow an abutment to be placed onto the post. The abutment is what the crown or dentures will be attached to.
  • Crown or denture production. In this step, impressions are made and sent to a lab. The lab then produces the crown or dentures. Then, the finished piece is cemented to the abutment. Dentures may either be cemented or made to clip on, depending on the type.

After everything is done, a single-tooth implant will work just like a real tooth. Implant-supported dentures can be “almost real,” with permanent cementation, or be of the type that can be clipped and unclipped for cleaning. Thanks to the fact that these dentures are supported by permanent posts, there will be no need to fuss with the fit or deal with denture adhesives.

To learn more about dental implants San Diego, just visit our site and download our free guide. While there, be sure to check out our excellent dental implant doctors and team. Be sure to set up a consultation while you’re there!

High-Tech Permanent Solutions

It’s not just about having a beautiful looking smile. Dental implants come with benefits that can provide freedom and confidence allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest.

eat your favorite foods

Eat Your Favorite Foods

Dental implants can allow you to eat all those healthy and delicious foods that are often difficult to chew and can cause problems for dentures.

smile with confidence

Smiling with Confidence

The stability of dental implants can provide patients with a sense of confidence that may have been lost. That confidence helps with relationships, job promotions or new challenges.

improve your overall health

Improve Your Overall Health

After eliminating infections or harmful bacteria in your mouth, TruSmile Doctors can place implants right away. Patients report a positive change in their overall health. There is a direct correlation between mouth and body health.

socialize express yourself

Socialize and Express Your True Self

A beautiful dental implant supported smile makes socializing with family and friends possible. You can be the real you without fear of judgement or fear of having appliances become loose or fall out.

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Dental issues that could indicate you need dental implant treatment:​

Are dental implants for you?

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